I've been gettin this constant pain on my right side of my lower abdomen and hurt even more when I walk, what could it be?

Many things. The first question is whether you are male or female. Abdominal pain of any kind, in any place, can be caused by a wide variety of things. For right-sided pain, typically the first two things to rule out are appendicitis and gall bladder issues. If you are a female, then an ectopic pregnancy must be ruled out first. Could also just be gas pain. See you doc for this one for sure!
Depends. Some common things are hernia, strained muscle, appendicitis, nerve pain among other things. Associated symptoms can clarify the picture. See your physician for diagnosis and workup.
Many possibilities. Very suspicious for appendicitis or another form of colitis or ileitis however it could be a hernia or other non--abdominal (neurologic or muscular) condition as well.
Many things. This is not normal and should be evaluated. It could be many things ranging from benign to more dangerous causes. For right side, we worry about appendicitis, hernia pain, gallbladder disease. If female, we worry about ectopic pregnancy as well. It could also be something easy as gassy pain or muscle strain. Please see a doc to evaluate this.