My 7 year old has a fever of 39.0 c should I take her to the hospital.?

Other symptoms? Fever is over-rated as an indicator of seriousness.A kid with a 39c temp, who is taking fluids well enough to void every 6-8 hours is at low risk for dehydration. If aleart and aware, with mild increase in heart rate and breathing, you may do well to wait until a regular doc is available.If excessively sleepy, refusing fluids, or showing other symptoms suggestive of big problems go now.
Symptoms. What else is going on? Is she vomiting? Is she lethargic? Does she have a headache? If any of these are also present, then yes.
Fever. The more important question is what other symptoms does your child have.? Fever is just a symptom of an illness. There is rarely, very rarely a reason to take a child to an emergency room for a fever. You should call your child's primary care provider for further advice about the specifics of your child's illness.
Fever can be good! Fever is common with many infections because it is the body's defense system. Many people fear fever unnecessarily. It only needs to be brought down if it makes a person uncomfortable, otherwise let the body fight off the infection! the temperature doesn't tell how sick the child is. Look at hydration, work of breathing, level of pain, & mental status. If these are concerning, she should be seen.