How did legionnaires' disease get its name?

Historical epidemic. An outbreak or epidemic of pneumonia that occurred among american legion attendees. This was at a congress in philadelphia, pa in 1976. The bacterium was then named legionella pneumophila.
American Legion. During the bicentennial in 1976, american legion members held a convention in philadelphia. Many of them became ill and some died from a previously unknown infectious agent. The culprit in legionaires' disease was a "new" germ, later named, in honor of the legionaires, "legionella pneumophila.".
Interesting fact. Legionairres got its name when several members who attended an american legion convention in philadelphia in 1976 developed pneumonia. The bacteria that caused the pneumonia was identified and named legionella.
A convention. The first significant outbreak happened at a hotel where the american legion was having a conference. A number of legionnaires were affected.
Additional info.... The bacteria, although identified prior to the 1976 american legion conference, was becoming a more prevalent as a disease causing bacteria. In 1976, the outbreak was traced to the bacteria living in the air conditioning/ventilation system of the conference hall. Inhaling water mist infected with the bacteria is one means of infection.

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How did legionnaire's disease get its name?

Outbreak. There was an outbreak at the american legion convention at the bellevue-stratford hotel in philadelphia in 1976. (don't you have google?). Read more...