I am getting horrible cramps and sharp like jolts of pain all at the same time. I just had my period 6 days ago. What could it be?

Several reasons. If you have never had these symptoms, they may be due to an enlarging ovarian cyst or due to an infection. If you have had these symptoms in the past and they are getting worse with time, the most likely explanation may be endometriosis. You need to see your gynecologist for and evaluation.
Prostaglandins. Your body produces prostaglandins to help break down the lining of your uterus at the end of your cycle (if you are not pregnant). Prostaglandins cause contractions of the uterus, inflammation and pain. Nsaids like Ibuprofen will help. If the cramping/pain persists even with the help of nsaids, visit your doctor, who will help manage your cramps and pain. This is 1 cause but get checked 4 others.