Are any special tests needed, or can a regular doctor see me for my hydrocele?

Standard exam. Your primary care doctor should be able to identify a hydrocele. If theer is any question as to the diagnosis, your regular doctor is able to order a scrotal ultrasound. He/she wil also refer you to a urologist if further evaluation is needed or if your are interested in having it treated.
See a urologist. Regular dr. Can diagnose a hydrocele, but urologist can take care if it. Scrotal ultrsound will confirm that the underlying testicle is normal.
See a urologist. Interesting that someone with a female name has a hydrocele. A urologist is the best doctor to take care of a hydrocele. A "regular" can confirm that you have a hydrocele and refer you to a urologist. We urologists consider ourselves regular doctors, by the way!
Yes... Any regular doc can discern the status of a hydrocele by analyzing the quality, quantity and sequence of events related with hydrocele-related symptoms and conducting physical exam with inspection ; palpation with light transllumination as deemed necessary. At times, scrotal ultrasound may be needed.