Will bulimia nervosa kill me if I don't get treatment?

The question of tx? Not necessarily, first of all please be diagnosed properly by knowlegeable professionals that you do have bulimia nervosa. If you do.., hx, physical exam, labs, ekg etc.Need to be done to determine your health.Depending on the outcome of the degree of the disorder appropriate therapy wil be discussed, treatment could involve outpatient including hospitalization if needed. Bulimia can be deadly.
Will or could? Bulimia most likely won't kill you, but it can. Electrolyte disturbances from vomiting, renal failure from laxative abuse, and rhabdomyolosis from excessive exercise with dehydration and starvation are all things i've seen happen. Bn is the most treatable of all eating disorders, with good results with either medications or cognitive behavioral therapy. Why not just be rid of it?