What is "hypericum 200" (homeo medicine) most widely used for in females?

Hypericum perforatum. Hypericum perforatum is a homeopathic remedy made from the same-named plant -- st. John's wort is the common name, as dr. Ali shared. It has wide versatility in both genders -- including acute injuries to body parts rich in nerves, like fingertips, tongue, tailbone, genitalia, etc. Spinal injuries with sharp shooting pains. In females can be helpful in menstrual disorders. "200" = potency.
St. John's Wort is. The "ingredient", except there's none in there. The 200C is called the "potency", but its actually the dilution. This dilution is equal to one drop of St. John's Wort diluted with water drops equal to 100, 000 times the number of atoms in the observable universe. Which means, it's water. Assuming St. John's Wort even works, there is not a single molecule in there. Don't waste your time.
Hypericum. Another name for st. John's wort, used as mood elevator & claimed to be effective in nerve pain.