Does flossing really make that much of a difference?

BIG DIFFERENCE! Flossing makes a big difference. Daily flossing can prevent gum disease... Flossing removes plaque.. Prevents cavities..Removes bacteria between the teeth ..Things that brushing only cannot do..
Flossing for health. Brushing cleans just three side of the tooth. Flossing removes debris, food , bacteria from the other two. Flossing once a day disturbs the bacteria from becoming the type that attack you teeth and gums. Flossing additionally is a benefit anytime food is wedged between teeth as corn on the cob and chicken tend to do.
Yes. Does using soap when you wash make a difference? Flossing should be done whenever you brush! brushing cleans only part of the tooth!
Yes. Flossing makes a difference. But understand that it has to be a daily habit. Flossing 2 times per week is of no benefit. It is a 7 day a week commitment. In addition to flossing, other adjuncts such as inter-dental brushes and the use of a waterpik can also prove very worthwhile. There is a saying -- gum disease will leave you with nothing to smile about. Hope this helps.