Can I die from blood clot in lung if I ignore it?

Possibly... Blood clots in the lung can be life-threatening depending on the size and location of the clot. Patients can also get small, asymptomatic and non-life-threatening clots as well. If symptoms like shortness of breath and/or chest pain occur, it is imperative that the person seek evaluation by a doctor, usually in the er so diagnosis and treatment can be given so death hopefully does not occur.
YES. Pulmonary embolus is a medical emergency. If you have been told you are at higher risk for blood clots, and you feel the pe symptoms (increase in heart rate, breathing rapidly/shortness of breath, chest pain that hurts more with breathing, your finger tips become blue) go to an er asap. To prevent blood clots, walk regularly and consult a physician to assess if you need meds.