I seem to sweat more than most people. What can I do for excessive sweating?

See physician. A physician can test to see if a hormone imbalance is the cause. If it is not, home remedies can include a strong antiperspirant (look for certain dri, containing aluminum chloride), and carrying paper towels or tissues in your pocket for hands. If that's not sufficient there are several options: Botox injections can help, Glycopyrrolate can be prescribed, or other surgeries in extreme cases.
Botox. It depends where you are sweating, but Botox is an effective treatment to prevent sweating.
Sweat control:botox. Sweating that is resilient to typical and atypical antipersperants may be controlled with injection of the paralytics. At this time, 50 u of Botox is recommended per axilla, or it's equivalent with the other botulinum toxin agents: dysport/ xeomin (incobotulinumtoxin a).