Do I have to get some blood tests before doing an intravenous pyelography ivp?

Yes. The dye used for an ivp can be harmful to the kidney; the risk for harm is greater if you have reduced kidney function or diabetes. If there is any concern that you have actual kidney disease, your level of kidney function should be evaluated by checking the creatinine level in your blood. Ultrasound or noncon ct may provide similar information without contrast dye.

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Where do I go to get an intravenous pyelography done? At the X-ray place or the hospital?

Depends. Depends on whether the hospital imaging department or the stand-alone imaging department does that specific test. Traditionally, hospital x-ray depts did them; out-of-hospital facilities tend to do plain radiographs, ct scans, MRI scans, possibly pet scans. A urologist may have xray facilities in his office to do such studies. Ask your pcp where he refers his pts for ivp's. Read more...