Do I have to get some blood tests before doing a cervical spine CT with dye?

Check kidney functio. If you habe reason to blieve you have marginal kidney function it is best to avoid this test if your kidneys are bad.
Maybe. Usually patients get a blood test for renal function (creatinine) before contrast (dye) administration, as contrast can damage the kidneys. Younger patients without history of kidney disease often are not tested ahead of time.

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Do I have to get some blood tests before doing a thoracic spine CT scan with dye?

Maybe. While there are not usually blood tests ordered, your dr. May want a serum creatinine to check your kidney function before you get the dye. Talk to you dr.

Does it hurt to get a cervical spine CT with dye done?

Just the IV. An IV is placed to inject the dye, which is usually only mildly painful. If you are having a myelogram (quite rare to do) the contrast is injected into your spinal fluid, which can be more painful.

What is the definition or description of: cervical spine CT with dye?

Imaging study. It is an imaging study allowing he physician to see the bones of the spine, the nerves and spinal cord. It is used to make a diagnosis for herniated disc, or degenerative disc disease. It is commonly used when a patient can not get an mri.
CT myelogram. A myelogram ct of the cervical spine is a similar study as far as information provided to the physician as an mri. It is an invasive test and requires a lumbar puncture with dye (this is uncomfortable to the patient). I only use it for instances when patients already have hardware in place as metal can produce significant scatter artifact in mri.

Is the cervical spine CT without dye a risky thing to do?

No. In general, ct is of minimal risk, although ct involves mild radiation, and pregnant women should avoid nonemergent ct.
No. Theris xray exposure other than that it causes no other problems I wouldn't call it risky.

Mri cervical spine states patchy T1 hypointensity within the marrow. Blood tests shows large platelets and 91 platelet count What does this mean?

Needs medical attent. I assume you have a doctor taking care of you. If not seek one, you may actually need to see a hematologist provided a repeat Platelet count shows low platelet count. Platlet counts under 150, 000 are considered low. There can be many causes for it. You need to do a CBC (complete blood count) and send us the results. This might give a clue. But further testing will be required if platelets remain lo.