What is the death rate?

100% To date, everyone ever born has or will die at some point. Is there a more specific question intended?
A number. It's the number of persons in a certain demographic (all kansans, all scleroderma patients) out of maybe 100, 000 that die during a particular time period, perhaps one year, or over a span of years. For example, in 1800, the death rate for newborns was about 450 out of 1000 during the first five years.

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What is the death rate for paget's disease?

Around 1% Paget's disease of the bone (and I assume you bone, not nipple) in about 1% of cases gives rise to aggressive cancers. Let's hope this does not happen to you. A few patients with paget's died as a result of high-output heart failure from the arteries connecting directly with veins in the bone; hopefully with today's treatment this will not happen. Good luck.
Depends on stage. If your talking about page's disease of the breast (there is also paget's of the bone, which is benign): if lymph nodes are negative, 5 year survival is about 85% and 10-year survival is about 79%. If the lymph nodes are positive, 5 year survival is 32% and ten year is 28%.

What is the death rate of addison's disease?

Hard to say. Deaths directly due to adrenal insufficiency (ai) are extremely rare, but having ai complicates other conditions and can increase their death rates. Example: if two people sustain identical injuries in an auto crash, and one has ai, they might be more more likely to die from those injuries than the person without ai. Same thing holds for people with serious infections or being treated for cancer.
100% Thankfully, addison's disease is rare in humans, though very common in dogs. However, untreated, it will kill the victim eventually -- and after years of being miserable, being considered emotionally sick, getting a "chronic fatigue" workup, and so forth.
100% untreated. If treated adequately the response is miraculous. They require steroids. Diagnosis is not easy because the levels of cortisol change during the time of day, the stimulation test with syntetic acth is not widely availa. Present. May be acute or insidious, with substantial fatigue and weakness associated with mucocutaneous hyperpigmentation, hypotension and/or postural hypotension, and salt craving.

What is the death rate for people over 90 years old?

Life expectancy. We usually think in terms of life expectancy rather than death rate. For the average 90yo, s/he can expect to live another 4-5 years (http://www. Socialsecurity. Gov/oact/population/longevity. Html) but that is of course affected by current health, lifestyle & family history.

What is the death rate of cardiomyopathy in young women 30 or so?

I% PER YEAR in HCM. The death rate in young patients with genetic hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is 1%per year there are other conditions like arvd, arythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia can cause sudden cardiac death. Rate is 2.3%annually and overall 18.5% danon disease which is rare associated with mutation with laml2 gene, is rapidly universally fatal without heart transplantation.

What is the death rate from bulimia nervosa?

Surprisingly High. According to the national association of anorexia nervosa and associated eating disorders, eating disorders have the highest mortality rates of any mental disorder. The mortality rates vary considerably between studies and groups. A study published in the "american journal of psychiatry" (2009) gives the mortality rates: 4% for anorexia, 3.9% for bulimia and 5.2% for other eating disorders.

If untreated what is the death rate of rocky mountain fever?

25% to 30% Rocky mountain spotted fever is an infection transmitted by ticks. Before the use of antibiotic therapy, the death rate was about 25% to 30%. Nowadays, with treatment, the death rate is about 4%. Despite the disease being first recognized and described in the rocky mountain region, 95% of U.S. Cases are in the eastern U.S. (>50% of cases are in the southern coastal atlantic states).
Difficult to know. It is difficult to know because if you know someone is infected, they are treated.

What is the death rate for young people with bowel cancer?

Difficult to say. Bowel cancer prognosis (Large or small bowel) depends on the stage at the time of diagnosis, regardless of the age of the patient. The younger the patient the more aggressive the cancer is.