Do I have to bring someone along, or can I drive after cataract surgery?

Bring a driver. The most common form of anesthesia during cataract surgery is intravenous sedation. The effects can last for several hours, and patients are essentially "drunk". It is not safe to drive for at least 6-12 hours after having sedation, and most ophthalmologists will advise their patients not to drive for up to 24 hours. You will often not be allowed to leave the surgery center without a driver.
Bring someone. Most people receive sedation with their cataract surgery so you will need a driver on tge day of surgery. If you do not get any sedation, you could possibly drive home. Ask your surgeon.
Probably. This is not my specialty - but I have seen scores of patients as they came and went from the hospital for cataract surgeries. The ophthalmologist provided transportation to and from the hospital for all of those patients. Many of them had both eyes done, which I would expext could make driving unsafe for a while. Best to ask your surgeon.
Best to bring driver. Complication risk is very low & it is best time in history to have cataract surgery, but best to bring driver as vision most often is blurry after surgery. More info: eyedoc2020.blogspot. Com.