Can dementia be cured?

Unfortunately, no. Dementia is a progressive disease. Even available treatments only slow progression or tame symptoms. They do not provide a cure.
Maybe. For a true dementia, no. But some medical problem can present with dementia-like symptoms and then these go away when the underlying medical problem is cured. See a physician for an evaluation.
No, BUT Rx available. For dementia: Namenda (decreases excess glutamate, which causes exitotocxcity). Use with Exelon (rivastigmine) or Aricept (increase acetycholine, a key neurotransmitter for memory & orientation/interactivity/executive function. For psychosis: seroquel or clozaril. For excess sleepiness: nuvigil. For mood: Effexor (snri) or Lexapro (ssri) + wellbutrin (ndri). Cane/walker to avoid falls/injury & health decline.
No, but... When the dementia is caused by excessive CSF fluid ( hydrocephalia) a surgical shunt may drain the fluid and improve symptoms if there are no advanced damage from it. Treatment for atherosclerosis and prevention of embolism and teeating hypertension may reduce changes of multiinfarct dementia. Medicines used early for alzheimer's may improve or delay worsening of the condition but not cure it.
Not really. No good cures, but several treatments can improve it and slow down its progression. Take a look at http://goo.Gl/fce1c for more information.
Depends. There are many causes of dementia, and some of them are reversible, partially or completely; therefore if given the diagnosis of dementia, it is vital to ensure that a full work up has been done to rule out any reversible causes!
Depends. Depends on the cause; usually not curable but in some cases yes, see: http://goo.Gl/fce1c.

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Please advise if it's factually correct to say that dementia can be cured by obstructing the pathways of the pathogens as it prevents brain damage?

NO. Dementia can be caused by brain infections -pathogens =viruses, bacteria, fungus, genetics etc.. No known cure for dementia once one has it altho new chemicals being tested to ameliorate and earlier diagnosis and md acumen hopefully will improve or slow the process. I see no true cure at this point but hopefully some day!? Read more...
Too simplistic. Certainly it cannot be cured, and the story is richer than "pathogens" alone. Pathogens may include the misfolded proteins of dementia (TDP-43, AB42, phos Tau, etc), but there are also the loss of cell repair functions, genetic abnormalities such as with BACE, increased inflammation, and disease spread between cells (prion-like). Its a complex story. Read more...