Are some people more prone to getting interstitial pneumonia?

Depends. " interstitial pneumonias" really are a group of diseases, that have some factors that make them more likely, for example one type called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, is more common among certain groups of people like smokers, those who have been found to have certain genes etc, another kind of interstitial pneumonia is caused by sarcoidois, which is more common among people in north europe etc.

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My sister says she has interstitial pneumonia. Are family members more likely to get the same thing?

Not likely. There are many causes for interstitial pneumonia but generally these are not things that are more likely for other family members to develop. Your sister should talk with her physician about this. Read more...

How does one get basal interstitial pneumonia?

Pneumonia. There is 'interstitial pneumonia' and 'interstitial lung disease'. I have not heard of "basal interstitial pneumonia". Interstitial pneumonia is usually caused by viruses and some bacteria like bugs such as mycoplasma and chlamydia. Read more...