Do I have to get blood tests before doing in vitro fertilization?

Yes. Ivf is a complicated treatment and tests needed to start. Tests of egg quality (amh, fsh, afc) help predict success and pick stim protocol; sperm tests help decide icsi (sperm injection for fertilization); test of uterus (hsg, sis) tells us about uterine receptivity; and other tests predict safe pregnancy (tsh, hiv, cf, etc). Brief list but tests help us make ivf work and get healthy pg.
Required before IVF. Many units required some blood test prior to ivf to determine that; 1. You are capable to conceiving (you are ovulating) and 2. That you don't have a std. Clearly if you aren't ovulating you need a donor's egg to conceive, and if you have an std it should be treated pre pregnancy.
Yes. Every program has different requirments but we do 1. Blood work for egg markers 2. Blood for implantation markers 3. Sexually transmitted disease blod 4. Cavity assessment 5. Semen analysis.