Exercise after c-section when can I start?

Ask your OB surgeon. The best person to ask what occurred in the or and what challenges a woman faces after surgery is the OB who was the senior doctor on the case. It is always appropriate for a patient to ask to see the surgeon to come talk to her even if not her usual doctor. Information about what was seen and what occurred can be gained and put in perspective. Plus advice about exercise, precautions can be given.
Immediately. I have my patients up walking within hours of a cesarean. We do limit lifting to less than 15 pounds for the first 4 weeks - after that i tell my patients to decrease their activity if they feel pulling, tugging, pressure, or pain in the area of the scar. It takes 4 weeks to get half the strength back in the tissure we operate on, and it takes 6 months for full strength in that tissue.