What kind of pills or treatment can somebody get for slow heart rate?

Slow heart rate. There really are no pills commonly use to treat a slow heart rate. Unless the heart rate is less than 50, there is usually no need to treat. People who exercise regularly have slow heart rates and these are healthy. In some cases a slow heart rate is due to some medicine you are already taking and stopping it should help. For heart rates less than 50, the usual treatment is with a pacemaker.

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I have to have a cardiac ct scan. The dr said I will get BB to slow heart rate? Will it be in a pill?

For short term. it is probably intravenous. CT of heart can be overstated on the importance of the results. About 90 % of middle aged people have some hardening of the arteries. This is not very predictive of heart attack nor a reason for stents/bipass. Read more...