My wife thinks I should see someone for my narcotic abuse. Should i?

Subst Abuse Trt. Na (narcotics anonymous) is very helpful for many people struggling with narcotic drug use/abuse. If you feel any sense you cannot control your use, you are abusing and are losing your power and freedom in life.Try various na groups to find one that suites you best; then, go daily for your own mental and physical freedom in life! also, seek psychotherapy with someone specialized in substance abuse.
How many a day? The key word here is 'abuse'. Some people take narcotics every day for years. If you've been taking more and more narcotics to achieve pain relief and euphoria, you definitely have an abuse problem. Even if you take a just a couple a day for a long period of time, narcotics have a very high potential for abuse. Talk to your doctor about your usage and ways to cut back or stop completely.
Hmmm. Why does she think you need substance abuse treatment? Do you have problems with alcohol or drug abuse? Have you been asked by a doctor or family member to curtail your drug/alcohol use? Have you had dui's? Is there a problem with keeping a job or managing finances? Are there problems with the marriage or physical abuse?