Which treatment works the best and fastest for compartment syndrome?

It depend. Acute compartment syndrome need to handle on emergency basis, the best treatment to do surgery.

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Can surgical treatment totally cure compartment syndrome?

Yes and no. A full blown compartment syn. Tissue death is proceeding and it depends how fast surg is done. In impending compartment syn there is a typical injury crushing, tibial fx of high energy, oa a leg pinned under a weight 4 a while ur physical xam & experience says go 2 or now, if done be4 the pressure 2 high it can be cured.

What are the treatment options for compartment syndrome in the arms?

Pressure measurement. To confirm the Diagnosis and then surgery most likely. Final decision depends on your treating physician's Dx. Good Luck and Happy Holidays.

What are the treatments of fascia herniation and chronic exertional compartment syndrome?

Myofascial pain. Myofascial pain syndromes arise from chronic inflammation of the fibrous sheaths that attach broad muscle groups to other muscles and bone. They include myofasciitis of the trapezius muscle, lumbodorsal fascia, IT bands and plantar fascia. I have practiced sports and ER med for the SF Giants. Compartment syndrome occurs when swelling in injured muscle constricts blood flow causing death of tissue.

Could frequent / multiple surgeries cause compartment syndrome anterior tibialis? Is it possible to have had this and it not be acute? Any treatments

Yes, but... Really need more info. There is something called exercise induced compartment syndrome that is a chronic problem, but if he multiple operations were on the leg, or associated with prolonged periods of low blood pressure or an aortic aneurysm or dissection, it could happen anyway. Hope this helps.

Are there non surgical treatments for exercise induced compartment syndrome?  is there a way to stretch or grow the compartment?  

No. Compartment syndrome of the quads and calfs are the most common muscles affected. Releasing the pressure quickly saves muscle death and can prevent kidney damage. The fascia surrounding the swollenmuscle is not elastic and needs to be cut as soon as possible. Pain and numbness are a bad sign but there are rare instances where very close observation may avoid surgery.
Nonop Tx exists. Several nonop treatment options can be attempted. New running shoes are routinely warranted. Gait analysis can be tried to ensure you are not a "tense" runner with affected muscles lays contracting and never relaxing while running. Weight loss, if warranted, may help. A period of rest followed by a gradual uptick in mileage, intensity, and elevation is also worth trying.