What doctor do I need to see for compartment syndrome?

ER doctor. Acute compartment syndrome is a emergency chronic orthopedic surgeon.
Acute CS. This condition is usually treated by an orthopedic, trauma/general or vascular surgeon, depending on the reason for it occurring. It is a surgical emergency.
Orthopedic surgeon. I assume this is not an acute compartment syndrome due to severe trauma. For chronic exercise induced compartment syndrome you should have a careful evaluation by a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon to make sure of the diagnosis, as there are many other things that can cause leg pain. If exercise induced compartment syndrome is what you have, your choices are change in activities or surgery.

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Is there a doctor out there who specializes in exertional compartment syndrome for runners?

Yes. You need to see a board certified orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in sports injuries and treatments. The university of arizona has a good orthopaedic department near you.

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is abdominal compartment syndrome?

ACS. ACS is elevated pressure in the abdominal cavity, usually >30cm H20, associated with organ dysfunction, such as poor urine output, elevated airway pressures & ICP and hypotension. Requires prompt recognition & decompression (open the abdomen) for survival. Elevated pressure alone, w/o symptoms, is abdominal hypertension, which can be monitored w. a bladder pressure catheter.

I have compartment syndrome in both my legs and arms. My doctors can not seem to figure out the cause. Is there underlying causes to this syndrome?

Not likely. It is very doubtful that you have compartment syndrome, as this does not affect the legs and arms simultaneously. Exercise induced compartment syndrome involves the legs in athletes, during running. If you have swelling in your arms and legs, you probably have some other generalized condition and should see a doctor about this.

I have a malformation on the front of my leg. I have severe pain and bruising near the calf. Exercise makes it worse and so does squeezing it. If I get the test and the test is negative and the doctor still thinks I have compartment syndrome what would he

Need to see. You just need to see what they say about this. Are you seeing a radiologist that specializes in vascular problems?
Av malformations. Sounds like you have vascular malformation. These are variable. Come in all sizes and locations. Compartment syndrome is possible if in your leg. Okay to wait for test results. Take family member to next visit. You might be surprised at results/recommendations. Staged endovascular coils, laser, compression, surgery are possibilities. Ask questions. 2nd opinion.

I have a vein malformation on the front of my leg. I have no pain there. I have pain in the calf. There are severe bruising. I have severe pain and tingling and numbness. Is it compartment syndrome? What if the pressure it eat is negative but the doctor

Look for dvt. Compartment syndrome would be unlikely without trauma. The most likely thing that is very serious would be a deep vein thrombosis this could be further evaluated with ultrasound. You should make an appt to see your doctor to have this evaluated.