Pain and popping a year and a half after ligament tear in ankle. What could be wrong?

Needs a workup. Some popping of the ankle is normal unless it is a associated with other symptoms like pain or swelling. Some popping after an ankle sprain may be due to dislocating tendows particularly if it occurs on the the lateral (outside portion) of the ankle. See a specialist you, may need a x-ray , MRI or an ultrasound to diagnosis problem.

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Ankle popping a year and a half after ligament tear. Should I be worried?

Popping. Popping sounds could be from several reasons but worry only if there is pain or instability. Popping isn't necessarily bad, but if its associated with you tripping more oftern, constantly spraining the same ankle, or annoying pain that won't go away, then definitely see a podiatrist to get reevaluated. Read more...