How common is it for somebody to get prostatectomy?

60,000 men a year. Make sure you need it.Many men die with their prostate cancer rather than from it.
Very Common. Most frequent operation performed by urologists. Many urologists perform 2 - 10 opearations/week. Simple transurethral or sub-capsular open prostatectom for benign prostatic obstruction. Radical robotic, laparoscopic or open radical prostatectomy for cancer. Some of us feel that possibly too many men undergo radical prostatectomy. Always consider 2nd opinion before undergoing radical prostatectomy.
Very - 2 kinds. Radical prostatectomy performed for cancer, about 100, 000 performed last year, robotically or open. Probably far more than were necessary because most men die with rather than from prostate cancer. Older men with low grade cancer have choice of do nothing, radiation or hormonal. Other reason for prostatectomy is for benign prostatic hypertrophy, usually by transurethral resection less by open surg.
100,000. Last year 90, 000 prostatectomies were done robotically and tejeré were a fairly large number done with the standard open techniques.