Will I get any medicine for pain when I go for the balloon angioplasty?

You should. Angioplasty can be uncomfortable during some parts of the procedure, particularly during balloon inflation. Almost everyone does just fine with a few medications that will increase comfort but general anesthesia is not required.

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Patient got up immediately after a balloon angioplasty, started to get dressed (patient was confused), what complications could we be looking at?

Probably none. The only problem would be bleeding from the puncture site or a pseudoaneurysm. If the surgeon used a closure device at the puncture site then probably no problem.
Up after pasty. If there was not swelling or complaint of pain at the puncture site then no adverse event likely came from getting up so soon.

Is balloon angioplasty painful?

Minimally. There may be discomfort with arterial access or with inflation of the balloon at the blockage site.
Angioplasty painful. Usually you won't feel a thing but occasionally inflation of the balloon is uncomfortable.

How much is a balloon angioplasty?

Cost of balloon. The costs will depend on your insurance details; copays, secondary insurance, deductables and so on. So the answer will vary from one person to another.

Does balloon angioplasty hurt or are you out?

Angioplasty? Pain. Typically light sedation is given during angioplasty. Most of the time no pain is felt though occasionally there is a little pain felt when the balloon expands in the artey; it is not generally something patients describe as a problem with the procedure.

Has any one had balloon angioplasty and was it painful after?

No. After procedure minimum discomfort at catheter insertion site, which disappears in few days, ask your doctor.
Pain after angioplas. Generally there is no pain after angioplasty but on occasion expansion of the balloon does cause pain due to nerves in the wall of the vessel being stretched open. Those patients may even report the feeling of a significant bruised feeling in the muscle which tends to clear within 7-10 days.

What is the definition or description of: balloon angioplasty?

Push aside the plaq. Angioplasty is the mechanism to unclog the partially occluded vessel from completely closing to result heart attack, usually this is done in combination with stents at the same time to prevent collapse of the vessel, like reinforcement of the vessel.
TPA (alteplase) Trams luminal (phenobarbital) balloon angioplasty is where a calapsed small balloon fixed to the end of a catheter is passed through the artery to a narrow area. When the balloon is then inflated it squishes the narrowing wider open. The balloon is then deflated and slipped back out.

Can you tell me about balloon angioplasty and was it painful at all?

Open blockages. It's a percutaneous transcatheter procedure to open blocked arteries with a balloon, usually followed by insertion of a stent at its conclusion. Patients are sedated but not fully asleep. A local anesthetic is used. There is minor discomfort at the onset as the skin is punctured and often a minute of angina when the balloon is inflated. Overall, it's not painful.

What is the difference between balloon angioplasty and plain angioplasty?

No. Blood vessel is opened with a balloon.
? Plain angioplasty? Sometimes people say angioplasty, for short, but they mean balloon angioplasty. There is no such thing as angioplasty without a balloon except recently there have been some metal mesh devices that can be expanded inside a vessel. For all intents and purposes, though, when someone refers to angioplasty, they mean balloon angioplasty.