Is grave's disease reversible?

Reversible graves. Generally the medical profession holds that graves is not reversible. It does wax and wane. There is some integrative medicine literature to support treating the autoimmune condition with diet and lifestyle changes can have a positive impact upon Graves and Hashimoto's diseases.
Yes With Treatment. Graves disease can be treated effectively with anti thyroid meds or radioactive iodine therapy or surgery.
Only with treatment. While graves' disease can "burn out" over many, many years, you don't want to endure the damage to your body waiting for that to occur. Get it treated now with either anti-thyroid medication or radioactive iodine.
No. But it's treatable. In the old days, it was one of the major killers. You have several choices for effective treatment, and sometimes it regresses on its own, but you can't do anything specifically to make the disease itself stop.