What is the difference between a sprained wrist and a displaced wrist? There is no break in the bone itself but it is no longer in place.

Displaced. The wrist is made up of 8 "carpal" bones that articulate with the radius and ulna of the forearm and the 5 metacarpals of the palm. So there is no "wrist bone" per se. A sprained anything is simply inflammation and swelling. A displaced bone is one that is out of alignment with itself or at the joint. So a displaced wrist means 1 or more bones is out of alignment to another.
Sprain vs displaced. A sprain involves injury to the connective tissues around joints. These can be suddenly stretched too far, or even ruptured -- causing pain and swelling. You have many carpal bones in your wrist, and in injury (including sprains) they can move (be displaced). Functional damage or instability in your wrist can result, and a hand surgeon is the best professional to help you. Be well.