Is there an over-the-counter treatment for a small eyelid laceration?

Here's help. If the laceration is small (less than 1/2 inch) and if the eye is not involved or the lid margin, and you do not suspect infection, then you can treat it by cleaning it, and taping the edges together. If any of the above conditions are present you should see your ophthalmologist to prevent scarring and damage to the vision.
Depth important. If it is not deep and doesn't involve the margin of the lid, taping is ok. I would cleanse the wound 2x/day with peroxide (don't get it in the eye) and apply small amount of antibiotic ointment as well. If the wound is deeper, involves the lid margin, or if you're not sure...Go see your doctor.
Butterfly. For a small laceration you could try a butterfly bandage although it depends on where on the lid the cut is, it may be difficult to keep in place. Do not try any otc liquid bandages as these could be harmful if they would get into the eye.