What is renal tubular acidosis? What are its symptoms and how can it be cured?

Medical rx, no cure. Renal tubular acidosis(rta) involves failure of kidneys to acidify urine by not contributing acid or resorbing bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) (alkalinity). Several types are known involving proximal, distal, and combination of both tubules of kidney.Sometime inherited.Complications can include osteomalacia(adults), rockets(child), stunting of growth, damaged kidneys, stones, renal failure.Nephrologist needed.
RTA. This is usually an abnormality in the way the kidney process bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate). The kindney loses bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) and therefor the body becomes more acidic. There are different types of rta. Some with alterations in potassium and chloride as well.