Why does hotdogs make my heart race and I feel high and I know its not my blood pressure cause its low?

Not sure, but...... Well, cannot be sure, but it sounds like you may be allergic to one of the many chemicals in the hot dog. You could test this by buying the fancy non-cured hot dogs (expensive, at fancy grocery stores usually) and see if it still happens. No matter what is causing it, i would avoid any food that does that to me. Good luck.

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What can cause blood pressure to be constantly all over place high 173/100 and low 83/53 all day high and low, had heart check no answers yet?

Blood pressure. Those are wide ranging blood pressures. Did you have them confirmed at an office or clinic? If so, I would consider some secondary reasons for BP problems. These could be thyroid, adrenal, renal artery stenosis, carcinoid tumor. Important to have your provider recheck. Just because your heart is OK does not mean you do not have a BP problem. Read more...