Waking up with tight calf muscles?

Time to stretch. Tight heel cords (achilles) will frequently be the reason for morning tightness or stiffness. The calf muscle works harder when we have a short achilles. This will often be more noticeable after exercise or after rest or when rising in the morning. Stretching will help. In the meantime try putting a 1/4 inch heel lift in your shoes. Google "achilles stretching" for some exercises.
Calf stretching. Sorry to be self promoting, but all you have to do is stretch your calves. Please go to my website and follow the protocol there an a step, against a wall, or on the one stretch. I don't really care what method you use as long as you do it everyday. You will be preventing future problems as well. Stretch your calves. Save your feet. http://onestretch.com.
Stretch . Stretch or find a physical therapist that can help you with a stretching routine. The most common stretch is called the "runner's" stretch or "wall stretch". If pain is chronic, you may have other pathology rather than just tight/short ligaments and tendons.

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Is it true that a surgical procedure on the calf is thebest way to help tight calf muscles?

No. There are a number of ways to help tight calf muscles. Stretching and medications, multiple different types of therapies should all be attempted prior to surgery. If your calves do not respond to other modalities, completely refractory, at that point, surgery becomes the best, and last option. Read more...

Can you tell me how to get rid of tight calf muscles?

Stretching. Periodic stretching throughout the day, if this doesn't work one can try a splint that stretches the calves throughout the night. Read more...