How fast can I make my endometrial cancer go away, if the tests turn out to be cancer?

Surgery. The first line treatment for endometrial cancer is hysterectomy. In young women who want to preserve fertility, Progesterone therapy can be effective but may take 12 to 16 months or longer - and requires repeat endometrial sampling every 3 to 6 months to test for response to the treatment.
Surgery is fast. If an endometrial biopsy is done and positive with otherwise negative scans, then a hysterectomy is about as fast as possible. A gyn-oncologist is best because the nodes need to be tested during this operation. Once the operation is done the cancer is out. But depending on how deep or if positive or negative nodes then the patient may need vaginal cuff or pelvic radiation.
Endometrial cancer. As fast as you can see a gyn oncologist and get surgery scheduled.