What do you recommend for treating a corneal abrasion?

Topical medication. An abrasion is a break in the skin of the cornea. It is painful and frequently lowers the vision. If persistent, you should see your ophthalmologist. He may recommend topical antibiotics, bandage contact lenses, patching and topical lubricant eyedrops. Most abrasions heal quickly and will generally do better with expert care.
See an eye doctor. Corneal abrasions often resolve on their own, but if they become infected there is a risk of severe vision loss. In order to ensure that an abrasion does not become infected, you will likely be placed on antibiotic eye drops as a precaution. Please see an eye doctor immediately.
Corneal abrasion. Depends on where it is scratched and how severe.But if it is a corneal abrasion the treatment is to use an antibiotic drop to prevent infection, and also use lubricating tear drops or ointments to ease the discomfort while it heals. Depending on the size of the abrasion, a patch or contact lens may help with the comfort and healing process.Some doctors recomend NSAID drops to help with the comfort.