Do other people get small bowel obstruction, or is it unusual?

Common. The diagnosis of small bowel obstruction is fairly prevalent and many resolve without surgery. It could be something as simple as a few cramps yet it also could be as serious as intestine so badly twisted that it dies. The most common cause of intestinal obstruction is scarring (adhesions) from previous abdominal surgery. The second most common cause is a hernia. Cancer lists as number three.
Common. There are many reasons to get small bowel obstruction, most common being adhesions -scar tissue- from previous surgery or infection. Treatment starts with nasogastric tube drainage to reduce pressure, stopping oral intake, IV fluid to reverse dehydration. A surgeon can then determine if surgery is needed or just time.

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What are the most common symptoms of small bowel obstruction?

Small bowel obstruct. Common symptoms include abdominal pain and vomiting. As the obstruction gets worse - abdominal tenderness and very active bowel sounds.

What is the definition or description of: small bowel obstruction?

Small Bowel Obstruct. Small bowel obstruction (sbo) is, as the name states, blockage of the upper (small) intestine. It leads to crampy abdominal pain, nausea vomitting and often dehydration. Treatment may be supportive (fluids and bowel rest) or operative, depending on the cause and duration of the obtruction.

I in pain after 3 yrs of my small bowel obstruction.... What can I do?

May be still. .. Your history strongly suggests recurrent small obstruction, usually surgery-related, still haunts and bothers you. Trying modifying foods consumption may help to a degree. For detail, you should ask the surgeon directly, there is no quick fix which could be found online. Besides and always, practicing healthy lifestyle with no overindulgence and obsession will help live a long happy life. Best.
Not clear. Your questions is too vague. Pain after bowel surgery could be due to a number of issues. This requires seeing your surgeon and having an exam to clarify the nature of your pain. It would be quite difficult in this setting to answer your question. Adhesions or scar tissue can many times be a big problem in some patients after a bowel surgery. Please see your doctor for help.