Can getting multiple, simultaneous vaccinations overwhelm my child's immune system?

No. The funny thing is that 10 -20 times more antigens, the components that trigger our immune system, were given 40 years ago than today, yet this issue is raised. The baby is exposed to more antigens in a play group than all shots combined. Research studies have repeatedly proven that simultaneous vaccinations cause no significant problems to the child's immune response.
No. Everyday your child is exposed to thousands of antigens (or germs) and makes protective antibodies against these. During any combination of vaccines on the aap recommended vaccination schedule your child is only exposed to 150 antigens. This will not overwhelm their immune system. The schedule has been made by experts and is made for the safety of your child to protect them from illness.
No. Theoretical cencerns were raised but not substantiated objectively. As a matter of fact, children's immune system is not only capable of handling multiple vaccines but also of producing adequate immunoglobulins (so called protection antibodies) in response to these antigenic challenges.
No. There is no evidence that multiple vaccinations on the same day can cause any adverse immune system reaction.
No. Your child is exposed to millions of new antigens daily. The antigen load from vaccinations is a drop in the bucket compared to the normal daily load.
No. It is fine for children to get several vaccinations at the same time. However, if a parent is very worried about it, he or she can ask the doctor to give the vaccines during 2 separate office visits instead of on one day.