How fast can I make my burning mouth syndrome symptoms go away?

Unknown. Try to find the cause then you may have some timeline. See your doctor.
It vary. There's no one sure way to treat primary burning mouth syndrome, and solid research on the most effective methods is lacking. Treatment depends on your particular signs and symptoms, as well as any underlying conditions that may be causing your mouth pain. That's why it's important to try to pinpoint the cause. Once any underlying causes are treated, your burning mouth syndrome disapear.

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What are the most common symptoms of burning mouth syndrome?

Only in your mouth. In primary burning mouth syndrome (bms) only oral structures hurt - tongue, lips, the lining (mucosa) & the palate (roof) of your mouth. In secondary bms - caused by nutritional deficiency, reflux, nasal obstruction, diabetes, medication, anxiety - you will likely have additional non-oral symptoms. I hope you have discussed this with your doctor. Read more...

How do I get better my symptoms of burning mouth syndrome? Some advice whether I should take medicine?

BMS. Please see a local Periodontist, Oral Surgeon or Oral Pathologist to discuss this. There is no general rule we can give you without knowing your complete medical and dental history, etc. This requires a one on one exam and consultation. Read more...