New granddaughter has spina bifida intrauterine will she have paralysis? [email protected] 2013.Pulling on cerebellum. [email protected] l5

Difficult to know. The extent of problems after delivery will depend on the extent of the defect and if it requires repair after delivery and how successful that repair is. Hopefully specialist managing her case could give your daughter some guidance. If baby is kicking legs actively in the womb then there is a better chance baby will have reasonable function after delivery.
Yes. If lesion is at low lumbar region you describe, she will likely have significant involvement of her lower extremities. If not paralysis, she will have significant weakness and likely effects on her bladder control. Time to see both a maternal-fetal medicine specialist and a pediatric neurosurgeon and make plans for a birth in a center which can deliver her and the immediate cares she will need.