What kind of doctor sees somebody for chest pressure?

ER!! For new chest pressure, go to the emergency room. Especially in women, a heart attack may not have "typical" symptoms of crushing pain.
Depends. Cardiologist for the heart. .. Pulmonologist for the lung. .. But er if sudden and /or severe. ..

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Eval by cardiologist 5 mons ago said heart healthy. Norm stress&echo. No Fam hist. Non Smoker, male 28.I still get chest pressure once in awhile. See doc?

Yes. You need to see your regular doctor to evaluate for the chest pains. Many things can cause chest pains. The most serious of which is cardiac in nature, but there can be many other causes for it. Be seen and evaluated.

I'm 20 I've had a chest pressure/tightness in the center for more than a year already. Seen many doctors that tell me I have nothing. What can I do?

Pain. With with the think that you are 20 and the description that you give I would suspect that it could be Osteochondritis which is an inflammation of the ribs were the attached to the sternum I would try and anti-inflammatory such as Aleve or ibuprofen and see if that helps.
Low quality service. Does not help troubleshoot; only promotes what felt important (per insurance $). Primary medical decision maker=always yourself. Most chest pain=not heart, especially at your age, but chest wall, etc. Yet from autopsy studies in US going back >8 decades, artery disease present in 1/2 of US population by age 7; no symptoms for decades because in wall & arteries enlarge in precise proportion, etc.

Slight upper chest pressure, near collarbone. I also have shortness of breath. Have done multiple test doc said everything is good. What could be wrng?

Solitude. As we go to rest and there's nothing to distract us, we feel more things and we presume we are feeling things. Before we can say that, it is best to see your doctor and have a good examination or even a holder monitor if necessary. If nothing is found, then the poetic theory will be right.

Normal egd, ecg, stress test, no anxiety. But can't get rid of constant chest pressure, lightheaded from pressure. Doc does not know. Now what?

Doc should advise. Well, if what you're saying is that your doctor has ruled out some of the more likely causes of your symptoms and they can't find any abnormalities then, you will either simply have to wait to see how this evolves down the road or your doctor should make an appropriate referral to another specialist if he cannot find anything of an organic nature.

Normekg, stress, echo, holter, blood work. Age28 with no fam hist. Non smoker. Doctor says heart is fine but I still have chest pressure. Heart? Other cause?

Non cardiac. Chestpain could be from other causes also. You may have reflux with esophageal irritation/ulcer, or spasms ca cause pain. Have it looked at by a gasteroenterologist.
Probably not cardiac. Just curious - were cardiac enzymes & CRP part of the blood work? This is a good number of tests already. Given your age & negative tests, I doubt that you have heart disease right now; but about 70+% of Americans will get it at some point in later life (50s). Chest pressure can be related to acid reflux / ulcers or muscle strain, which may be the next thing to investigate. Talk to your doctor.

Blue feet when sitting, cold feet+hands even in warm settings, and chest tightness/pressure when standing. What kind of doctor do I see for these symp?

Start general. I'd go see an internist. They are skilled at looking at all kinds of ailments, ordering appropriate screening tests, and then if necessary referring you on to more specialized care. Therefore, first begin with Internal Medicine. Thanks for asking.