Will the needle or i.V. Hurt during the loop electrosurgical excision procedure?

Minimal. There is very little pain with a leep procedure. I do them in my office using a paracervical block which requires an injection on each side of the cervix. Most of my patients do not feel that injection. If I do the leep in the operating room, those patients have an I.V. Which does require a neele stick for its placement - still only a needle stick - minimal pain.
Not really. I do them in the office with local anesthesia. 1% Lidocaine into the cervix (yes, with a needle) and the injection is not that bad... Some have mild cramps, some feel warmth with the leep, all are surprised..."that's it!?!" (with a big look of surprise). You don't need to be put to sleep. You'll do just fine.