Is a yolk sac a good sign for a viable pregnancy? Could we see a yolk sac when its a blighted ovum?

Usually good. A yolk sac is an early sign that usually is a good predictor. However, just like anything in medicine, nothing is 100% so a follow-up ultrasound in about a week should be done as you should be able to see a fetal pole and a heartbeat around 6 and a half weeks.

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Gestation sac 12mm x 5mm x 12mm is this likely a blighted ovum no yolk sac present docters estimate 7 weeks by lmp my dates 5 weeks 4 days hcg increas?

Must know HCG level. The correlation between the sonographic findings of a 12 mm mean gestational sac is much better with your blood betaHCG levels than with your estimated gestational age of 7 wks by LMP. If your betaHCG is rising appropriately and you are feeling fine, another well timed sonogram may provide you and your doctor some reassurance or a better sense of direction. Read more...