How can I treat cervical spondylosis?

Exercise. Cervical spondylosis is the fancy term for arthritis of the neck vertebrae. The best treatment for those arthritic changes is flexibility exercises and maintenance of range of motion. Use spineuniverse. Com for cervical spine exercises. As usual and with all condtions, no smoking, keep weight down to recommended level, and maintain good physical health. Best of luck!
Depends. It depends on how it affects you. If stiffness or neck pain, the simple measures of stretching, strengthening the neck muscles may be enough. Sometimes over the counter medications can help. Physical therapy is often useful if the spondylosis is causing nerve symptoms, therapy or traction often help. For more severe pain, surgery may be needed, especially if you have weakness in the arm muscles.
Between PT & surgery. After conservative measures, and before surgery, cervical facet joint injections can be quite helpful in addressing many patient's symptoms.

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What's the best way 2 treat headaches from cervical spondylosis, & dizziness? I was thinking maybe physio might help

Neck. Great question cervical vertigo also called hairdresser syndrome is treated with physical therapy of the neck. See a neurologist may need MRI and they put you into rehab. Good luck.

What is the best type of doctor to treat cervical spondylosis? I have a neurologist, but he's moving to another state.

Pop His Tires. If you like your neurologist, ask him to recommend someone. If it ever gets so severe that you need surgery, then your new neurologist could recommend a good neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon who specializes in your problem. Other things you could try are recommendations from friends, Yelp, Angie's List or your local Medical Society.
Musculoskeletal. Cervicsl spondylosis is a combination of disc and joint degenerative change. It is important that you have as good as possible Musculoskeletal care, physical therapy, appropriate neck pillow, as part of all of this. It is difficult to treat, and there is not a cure. Physicians who deal with this include neurologist, rheumatologist, or the Orthopedic surgeons, and pain physicians.

Are the symptoms of cervical spondylosis bad?

Can be. Cervical spondylosis- arthritis of the neck usually manifests itself in neck pain and sometimes arthritis spurs which narrow the nerve exit hole (foramen) and the central spinal canal which can cause weakness and pain of an extremity as well as weakness of the arms and legs. It can also be mild. This is a significantly variable disease. See the neurosurgeon or orthospine surgeon.
Not necessarily as. The symptoms can range from nothing to varying degrees of pain with or without nerve symptoms & findings if nerve tissue compressed or irritated radiating into arms &/or legs including : pain, numbness, tingling (parathesias), & even weakness with or without pain radiating into extremities. Headaches can be caused as could gait/balance issues as well as poorer dexterity &handwriting.

What do you recommend for cervical spondylosis?

Exercise. Flexibility and range of motion exercises help keep the spine with good mobility and will keep your pain to a minimum. Also, good physical condition, avoid smoking, and keep weight to the recommended level. Obesity causes all spine conditions to be worse.

What is cervical spondylosis? Can you describe it?

Degenerative bone. Degenerative changes in the vertebrae in the neck cause irregular bony processes, degenerative changes in the disc and ligaments combine to narrow the spinal canal and damage the spinal cord. The symptoms are in part due to osteoarthritis of the cervical spine, but more seriously due to damage to the spinal cord and its nerves.

What is the best way to cure cervical spondylosis?

Spondylosis. Spondylosis is simply arthritis of the disc and facets. This is not a common reason for spine surgery. It usually will cause neck pain that is aggravated by activity. Now, if pressure is present on the nerves from the arthritis (spinal stenosis) that is a different story. I would try nonsurgical treatment first: physical therapy, arthritis meds, nerve blocks, & reserve surgery for failures.

Are there good ways to avoid cervical spondylosis?

Cannot avoid. Cervical spine spondylosis or arthritis is unavoidable. Traumatic incidents increase the severity of the arthritis. Genetics and strenuous activity contribute as well. Flexibility exercises, range of motion exercises, good health and exercise help all arthritic conditions.

What is the definition or description of: cervical spondylosis?

Degenerated disk. This is the medical term for a degenerated disk. There is a spectrum of degeneration from mild to severe, but it still means the same thing. This is a natural part of aging.
Cervical spondylosis. This is a broad term for arthritic changes within the cervical spine: bone, disc, joint, ligaments. It can range from minor to severe and it can be relatively asymptomatic to very symptomatic.