Can you drink alcohol while on methotrexate? And how often do you need to get blood work done while on it?

Not recommended-3 mo. Drinking alcohol while on Methotrexate is not recommended. Methotrexate can sometimes cause liver damage and, since alcohol can also cause liver damage, this is why mixing the two is not recommended. Now, having said that, an occassional alcoholic beverage is not totally forbidden, but you shouldn't make a habit of it. The typical interval for liver testing while on Methotrexate is every 3 months.
Technically, no. Avoiding alcohol is the official recommendation while taking Methotrexate in the us. In some european countries patients are permitted to drink, but advised to limit consumption to 2 drinks daily for men, or 1 drink daily for women. Whether you drink or not, blood counts, liver function, and kidney function should be monitored at least every 3 months.