Tendonitis, ganglion cyst, or keinbocks? Pain in right wrist & hand, can't do push ups, hurts to flex, no trauma, no lumps. Ideas?

Ganglion cyst is. One explanation for this feeling, at times again when can be hidden and not be obvious, the extra fluid in the sack makes the wrist feel stiffer and can be painful. Sometimes if you flex extend your wrist all the way it becomes more obvious finally rapidly moving your wrist up-and-down sometimes makes the ganglion inflate a bit and be more obvious. Ganglions are not harmful but local irritation.
See your MD. Kienbock's disease can often be identified with a plain x-ray or mri. Mri would also show signs of tendinitis or a ganglion cyst. Your doctor can evaluate the symptoms then decide on the best imaging test. Treatment will depend on what is found.
Wrist pain. From your question, it sounds like you have researched wrist pain. Further answers would readily be obtained by a quick visit to a hand surgeon. This doctor who specializes in hand and wrists can examine you and, if needed, order x-rays and other tests to answer your questions. Then, specific helpful treatment can be offered.

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Can wrist tendonitis or a volar wrist ganglion cyst cause a slightly elevated sedrate?

Arthritis. If there is pain or swelling it is inflammatory gal gluons are not causing inflammation or pain many kinds of. Arthr itis may cause pseudoganglions. Read more...
Possibly. Elevated sed rate usually indicates inflammation. Ganglion cysts rarely get infected. Tendonitis is inflammation and the underlying cause may be the source of sed rate elevation. Read more...