Vitamin d and colitis?

Colitis. Inflammation of the bowels (colitis) can effect vitamin D in several ways. It can affect the micro bacteria of the gut which effect Vitamin D absorption. If there is rapid flow through the gut (diarrhea), then the time necessary to absorb vitamin D is reduced.
Vitamin D deficiency. People with ulcerative colitis, especially those who take corticosteroids, often have low levels of vitamin d and are at risk for osteoporosis.Many people with ulcerative colitis have vitamin and mineral deficiencies (because of loss of appetite, reduced absorption by the colon, and chronic diarrhea).

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I have ulcerative colitis. Is it okay to take vitamin d supplement?

ESSENTIAL. One of the causes of ulcerative colitis is vit d deficiency. Since it is poorly absorbed you need big doses and do get out in the sun with good skin exposure and no sunscreen. Do not get sunburned. Also stop taking milk and milk products. Read more...

I am 46years old. I have ulcerative colitis. My back bothers me some. I also have high cholesterol but it is not real bad Othere than that I'm in great health. What vitamins would u recommend that I take.

Vitamins not best. I'm hoping your question is not implying that your priority in dealing with these issues is in choosing the right vitamin. Having regular tests to screen for colon cancer, walking/strengthening your back & eating healthfully are your most important approaches. That said, a good multiple vitamin would be fine; make sure you get enough calcium/vit D & perhaps some niacin or fish oil for cholesterol. Read more...