Urine r/m/e report shows albumin: (+), epithelial cell: 3-5/hpf, pus cell: 0-1/hpf. Does it indicate urine infection? I have ckd.

Unclear . The urinalysis results you present are missing the most important markers for uti, that is leukocyte esterase and nitrites. That being said your WBC count isn't elevated. The positive Albumin is likely a consequence of your preexisting ckd. If you have symptoms of a uti, discuss this with your doctor.
Unremarkable, but... These findings from a urinalysis could be categorized as unremarkable, but should be correlated with serial laboratory findings of urinalysis as well as clinical history and pictures over time. Besides, repeat urinalysis with a properly collected fresh urine to avoid contamination is advised despite being a man. More? Ask your doctor timely.