What's the best treatment to get rid of asthma?

Not curable. Asthma is not curable but there are plenty of treatments available to control and relieve symptoms. Asthmatics can experience long symptom-free intervals but there is no cure at this time. See your doctor for the best treatment possible for you.
Complex answer. Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the lungs that can wax and wane over time. Treatment of asthma requires a thorough history and physical exam. Triggers should be identified through skin testing. Treatment is a combination of avoidance of allergens, use of inhaled corticosteroids and / or brochodilators. There are other medicines that can be used as well. Treatment may be individualized.
Change your DNA. You don't get rid of asthma any more than a short adult grows an additional foot.Its in your genetic makeup.Your symptoms may come & go with days/wks/yrs without pbs or need for meds but its still part of you and can resurface. Learning about your asthma, avoiding the aggrivating factors & finding the combination of rx that works fou u is how to live with it well.

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What are the treatment of childhood asthma? And how we can get rid of this disease?

Asthma in children. Getting rid of asthma is a tough task, if your child has asthma consult an allergist and determine if he/she has any and eliminate the triggers. You need to have asthma well controlled in children to prevent airway damage from inflammation. Typically your doctor will prescribe inhalers. A good portion of children outgrow their asthma. Read more...

I have allergy induced Asthma and NOT true Asthma. How can or what should I do to avoid or prevent it. Please elaborate on best treatment.

Avoid allergens. Avoid what triggers your asthma. Speak with your doctor about getting an inhalant. Consider allergy testing, allergy shots or antihistamines to control the allergies before it goes to the asthma. Happy breathing!! Read more...