Can an hiatal hernia be seen in an abdominal ultrasound? What else can be seen thru it? Thnks

Maybe. An ultrasound may be able to see a large hiatal hernia, but it's not a reliable test for that diagnosis. Ultrasound can see most organs in the abdomen, and help determine blood flow to some organs. Upper GI contrast study is better for hiatal hernia. Hope this helps!
Not really. On rare occasions you could but ultrasound would not be the modality of choice. A barium swallow study called an upper GI would be best.
No. An ultrasound sees more solid organs & does not see through air filled structures like the intestines. An utrasound will see the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, part od pancreas, major blood vessels, etc.

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Had numerous abdomen x rays and CT scan also chest scan and x Ray and 2 ultra sound of liver and gallbladder could they have noticed a hiatal hernia?

Yes, on chest ct . Hiatal hernia should be able to be visualized on a chest ct unless it is very small . It usually wouldn't be visualized on liver/gallbladder ultrasounds. It might be visualized on x rays if it is large enough. Read more...