I have tons of craze lines on my teeth, I have to get invisalign soon, will my craze lines become worst with invisalign treatment? 9 months treatment

Depends. Your craze lines will tend to get worse over time regardless of any dentistry just like a crack on a windshield. That said if the invisaline improves the bite and distributes the forces more evenly over more teeth, and essential protective tooth separation by guidance of your canines, then i believe it can help to stabilize the teeth from increasing the severity of the craze lines.
Not at all. Craze lines are caused by trauma 9contact sports, chewing on ice or hard candy, etc. Invisalign will not affect the craze lines. You should be seeing a qualified orthodontist for your tooth movement, and then your restorative dentist for rx (perhaps veneers) of the craze lines after tooth movement completed and stabilized. Expect about 41% improvement w invisalign, 90% w braces.
Invisalign is safe. Invisalign is one of the most gentle orthodontic treatments available, because it fits the tooth like a glove, thus distributing the forces moe evenly over a larger surface area of the tooth; and the velocity of tooth movement can be slowed to meet the patient's individual needs and circumstances. The microfractures you describe in your teeth should not worsen with invisalign treatment.
No. Craze lines are a natural part of teeth that develop from normal wear. Invisalign should not effect them.