What is HIV ab, HIV 1/2, eia with reflexes? I had blood work done. Did they test for antibodies and the virus?

Antibody test HIV. It is a test for the two main types of HIV antibody (ab), types 1 and 2. Eia is the primary test method that is inexpensive, but it occasionally has false positive result, so there is a reflex test (automatic confirmation test) using a more expensive but more trustworthy test (immunoblot) to make very sure that the eia test result really is positive. There is a pcr test to detect HIV itself.

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I just had an HIV 1/2 eia antibody screen w/ reflexes. Can you explain how this test works? Are there any better tests?

Viral Testing. To test for many infections we look for antibodies (your body's reaction to something new or foreign). In the case of HIV infection these antibodies can take three to six months to be positive on a test. This old fashioned test is a reliable and common screening tool. But, it is not the best test if one is possibly exposed. We now send HIV genetic tests which can be positive by day 21 post expos. Read more...