Any over-the-counter help for someone with uterine prolapse?

Limited choices. 3 options with prolapse: live with it, wear a pessary, or surgical correction. Ways to help symptoms but not reverse condition: kegel exercises, avoid constipation & unnecessary heavy lifting, maintain normal weight. In addition, avoid smoking as it weakens collagen- important for ligament strength. Usually once prolapse pushes through vaginal opening, it starts to worsen at a faster pace.
No. Uterine prolapse is generally treated with pessaries or surgery. Kegel exercises will strengthen the pelvic floor but will not decrease the degree of prolapse of the uterus (or bladder and rectum). The more active a women is, who has uterine prolapse, the more rapidly the prolapse will progress. When your prolapse has become symptomatic, it is time to do something about it. See your gynecologist.
No. Kegels and stool softeners will help prevent from getting worse. If recent heavy lifting or pregnancy then it may heal somewhat. Avoid sitting in a crouch (squatting) or on the toilet for more than a few minutes as well.

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How do I know if I am dealing with uterine prolapse?

You can feel it. If your uterus is falling out(prolapse, you can typically feel a hard substance like the end of your nose, low down in your vagina or almost falling out. This is the neck of the womb or cervix. Prolapse is also often accompanied by bladder and/or bowel problems, and often with low backache. Intercourse may also be difficult or painful. Read more...

How active am I allowd to be after having a uterine prolapse repair?

Careful ! Depending on the extent of the repiner and the use of mesh material. Your surgeon would have discussed this with you. As a general rule for laparoscopic cases 3 weeks of no heavy lifting (anything that could make you grunt). Read more...

Would I be able to feel my IUD if I have uterine prolapse?

Yes you might. . Not the iud itself but the strings that come out of the cervix. If your uterus is that low you might want to get things checked out by a gyn or urogynecologist. Take care. Read more...